Submitted on Mon, 2016-01-18
By Upp Software

Cloud technology is the universal standard for application development and has revolutionized the way we do business.

How the Executive Suite Should Select a Warehouse Management System


Only 8% of Warehouse Management System users are leveraging the cloud, even as supply chain networks become rapidly more complex. Though well-designed on-premise technology can still hold value for supply chains in the short-term, it is no longer part of an effective sustainable solution.

Cloud technology has revolutionized the way we do business, allowing you to stay ahead of your competitors and drive significant revenue. An investment in a cloud WMS is an investment in change, preserving the operational and cost benefits of today while gaining the growth benefits of tomorrow.


Future-Proofing Your Business


Building the business of your future starts with the right tools. Cloud technology has become the universal standard for application development, and the proof is in the revenue. To aid executives in their search for a cloud WMS, we designed the Cloud Warehouse Management System Executive Handbook. This guide provides expert insight into the following facets of selecting a cloud WMS, by asking these questions:

1)    What should I look for when researching a cloud WMS?

2)    How has the buying process changed?

3)    How will it impact my bottom line?

Finally, this guide will help you to prepare for the business of your future with the Top 10 Things Supply Chain Leaders Should Do Now to be More Profitable.

Cloud WMS: Your Greatest Competitive Weapon

Your warehouse management system does more than just fill an operational need within your organization; it helps achieve boardroom goals. A cloud Warehouse Management System will directly lead to increased revenue and growth and become your greatest competitive weapon. It directly impacts your profitability in the following ways:

●      It speeds up operations

●      It optimizes inventory levels

●      It eliminates errors

●      It improves customer interactions

●      It improves forecasting

By providing information at your fingertips to influence larger strategic business decisions, a cloud WMS is essential to the future profitability of your business.



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